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Walk and Train Workshop

About the program

Improve your leash skills with our Walk and Train Workshop designed for current students who've taken Puppy Advanced 1 and are looking to continue practicing learned skills in outdoor applications.

This workshop will be held at our studio and local outdoor parks. Instructors will lead a group walk with training exercises incorporated. The focus will be on improving leash manners, social skills, and training with distractions – in other words, taking what you have learned in class into real-life situations.

Minimum requirements:


  • All students must have completed Puppy Advanced I at Sugar Paws Dog Training

  • Dog Ages: All ages welcome

  • Time commitment: 1 hour per class, held weekly; 5 total classes

  • Vaccinations: 

    • DHPP or DHLPP

    • Rabies

    • Bordetella

    • Titers are also acceptable

  • Freedom harness with the double clip leash.  No exceptions.

    • Get a 15% discount on harnesses purchased in our studio upon and during enrollment only


Class locations:

  • Class 1 is held at Sugar Paws Studio

  • Class 2 is held at Joe Palaia Park (Ocean)

  • Class 3 is held at Joe Palaia Park (Ocean)

  • Class 4 is held at Wolf Hill Recreation Area (Oceanport)

  • Class 5 is TBD, potentially Allaire State Park

**Classes are rain or shine. If the weather is severe we will hold class at Sugar Paws Studio.

What you'll learn (and more):


  • Working through distractions in new environments

  • Practice learned/foundation skills in new environments

  • Practicing safe leash greetings with dogs and people (builds upon anti-jumping strategies)

  • Integrated station work

  • Review proper leash-holding techniques, leash skills including applying directional changes

  • Working with reactivity

  • Practicing different types of walks

  • Knowing when and how to use cues during your walks

  • Auto check-ins



$295 per class


Upcoming classes

At Sugar Paws Dog Training we DO NOT promote, condone or permit the use of correction-based training tools for dogs enrolled in our training programs. This includes the use of choke chain collars, prong (pinch) collars, citronella collars, shock or vibration collars (including invisible fence shock collars), and bark collars.

Got Vaccinations?

Let's keep all our pups safe & healthy.
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