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Puppy Advanced 2

About the program

Let's continue the fun as we progress and build upon skills learned in Puppy Advanced 1.

5 weekly classes with your pups, 1 hour each.


  • At the class start date, puppies should be between the ages of 7-11 months old.

  • Those currently enrolled in Advanced 1 or who have graduated from Advanced 1 are eligible. 


Skills and topics covered:

  • Mat training for table manners, guests entering and leaving home, reinforcing calmness on mat

  • Improving manners through choice.
    ​Your dog has a choice, let's help them choose the right one. 

    • Great for jumping, meeting people, going through thresholds like doors and crates, barking/whining

  • Distraction training — we'll continue building on Advanced 1 anti-jumping and over-excitement around dogs and people. 

  • Release cue — installs a default "hold" until released.

  • Down stays from a distance (must have a solid verbal down close up)

  • Search cue — a great game (and tool) to help your dog disengage and use their senses instead. Great for reactivity.

  • What motivates your dog? Let's improve our mechanics when it comes to food delivery, toy play and rate of reinforcement. 

  • Teach your dog how to catch a treat

  • Leash walking practice with added distractions

  • An opportunity to request specific skills to review (during registration)


Vaccination requirements:

  • Distemper & Parvo

  • Bordetella

  • Rabies (if age appropriate)

Upcoming classes

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