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Puppy Advanced 1

About the program

Want to take your dog to the next level of learning? Then Puppy Advanced 1 is for you.

This class is designed to build upon cues learned in Puppy Kindergarten.

5 weekly classes with your pups, 1-hour each.

Age requirements:

At the class start date, puppies should be between the ages of 5-10 months old.


Skills and topics covered:

  • Go to your place or mat

  • Advanced down-stays

  • Calm/settle training

  • Advanced leave it/touch

  • Watch me cue

  • Basic leash handling and walking

  • Trade and drop cues

  • How to play with your dog

  • Enrichment activities

  • Anti-jump solutions

  • Dog body language


Vaccination requirements:

  • Distemper & Parvo

  • Bordetella

  • Rabies (if age appropriate)


Upcoming classes

At Sugar Paws Dog Training we DO NOT promote, condone or permit the use of correction-based training tools for dogs enrolled in our training programs. This includes the use of choke chain collars, prong (pinch) collars, citronella collars, shock or vibration collars (including invisible fence shock collars), and bark collars.

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