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At Home & In-Studio

Reward-Based Dog Training 

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All ages and breeds are welcome.

At Sugar Paws, we do not follow outdated and unnecessary training methods. The philosophy we follow is positive, reward-based training.  We never utilize force, fear, intimidation or pain to train. Our professionally certified trainers will guide you and your pup in basic skills up to more advanced behaviors, as well as remedies for more serious behavior concerns. 

Available Group Training Classes

What Pet Owners Say

"Sugar Paws is the Best!"

"professional and helpful"

“Sugar is hands down the BEST place in Monmouth County to send your pup if you want caring, loving skillful, supportive staff that will train your puppy with kind tactics and treat them like their own.”

Our Welsh Springer Spaniel has learned numerous commands and experienced crucial socialization time to learn new skills that are so important for behavior and obedience. Bringing home a puppy is challenging but the skills acquired at Super Paws has made us feel confident and excited for the future!

_ Amna A.

-Lindsay W.

"couldn't be happier"

“Couldn't be happier signing our puppy Nestle with Sugar Paws. The staff is very knowledgeable but more importantly differentiate their training to meet all the learners needs. They care for your puppy and we leave each class with more confidence. Nestle's bite went from being very painful to unnoticeable. Worth the investment!

Kevin J.

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